Thanks to the amazing support of my amazing husband, I was able to have an amazing day off from ‘life’ today and write. I got out 5,800 words on Guns of Perdition. Amazing!

This now means I have only about 20,000 to go before the END. It’s starting to feel doable! All I need is a few more sessions like this and it’ll be done.

And even better than getting a mammoth number of words done, I feel like there were some good words in there in good order. I won’t know that for sure until I come back next time and re-read.

On another wonderful note, I had word today that the short story I had published online at Longshot Island is going into their May 2018 online and print magazine, LI No. 7 ‘Small Choices’. I even got to see the preliminary online magazine and OMG how amazing does it feel to see your name and work in a real publication (ie, not your own blog).

When ‘Small Choices’ is made available for download and purchase I’ll let y’all know!


Seems as though everything’s coming up Milhouse right now!

The pessimist in me is worried…

15 thoughts on “Marathon

  1. Wonderful, Jessica. Great news on the publication. And how awesome is that to see progress and an end in sight for your book. Persistence does pay off in the long run! You’ll get there. Kick the pessimism to the curb. 🙂

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  2. That’s fantastic! Well done on the word marathon, and on the publication of your short story 🙂 really is nothing like seeing your name in print, on a site not your own. Well done, and keep on trucking. And from my inner pessimist to yours: “Burn whatever bridge there is, when we get there – in the meantime, let the optimists have their day.” 😛 Cheers!

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  3. Congratulations on both fronts, though I’m really wowed by that word count! That’s definitely one area I’m still working on, getting my rate of production up without sacrificing the current quality.
    As you say, a few more days like that and Guns of Perdition will be ready to go. Look forward to seeing that announcement in my feed.

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