The Sunshine Blogger Award 

Please pop along and checkout Maria aka SuperWifeandMummy’s Sunshine Bloggr Award!! Maria is a Supe blogger, a Super friend and Super hero!

Life, Family, Good Food

James Cudney is a phenomenal, prolific, warm and funny writer who decided an immensely long time ago to nominate me for the Sunshine Blogger Award.

Immediately, I thanked him and I believe I said something very Academy Awardsy like, oh I don’t deserve this blah , blah, bleurgh.

But I meant it.

I didn’t really believe I was bringing sunshine to anyone but apparently I was giving off a few sneaky rays of warmth through the clouds soooooo…thank you James. This feels very special.

I’d be shocked if you have not yet checked out his blog because he’s brilliant but in case you haven’t, here is thesecret door.

If you’ve been reading my previous posts (oh yes, Maria – we all read eeeeeeeverything you write *sarcastic eye roll*) you’ll know that I’ve been having some wee inner struggles with my presence as a blogger (oh my…

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