Songday Sunday – By The Rivers Dark

“Music has the charms to soothe the savage beast.”

Welcome to Songday Sunday 

I’m a big fan of almost all Leonard Cohen. The ‘poet king’ with that haunting voice and dazzling lyrics could do little wrong and I had to restrain myself to choose just one song. I ended up going with By The Rivers Dark as it was the song I used as the background music for a chapter of my fanfic piece about cynical assassin, Rathe, and his love for the innocent Fleur. 

This piece was the piece of music playing as he stumbled down to the river when he discovered Fleur was missing from her tavern room. As he approached the river he heard splashing, and fearing she’d fallen in and was drowning, dashed to the site and found instead, the girl was bathing in the moonlight. And it was at that moment that the hardened assassin was truly captivated and lost to the young girl’s innocent charms.

Sigh. I loved that story.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the music!


15 thoughts on “Songday Sunday – By The Rivers Dark

  1. I think you’re so fab, so it’s with love that I tell you that you seem to have doubled your first paragraph so if you want to give it a quick little edit…
    I’d want to know! And I think only I’ve commented so far so you’re all clear! 😊😙

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