So,  I don’t really like sharing pictures of myself, but when I looked in the mirror this morning I noticed my eyes were behaving (for once) and were green, instead of the muddy brown they often favour. Hazel eyes = changeable.

So I snapped a dreaded “selfie” and was actually happy with the shot, so in a purely narcissistic moment, decided to share.

Me, the green-eyed monster.


47 thoughts on “Narcissism

  1. I dread having my photo taken (could this be an INFJ trait?), but every now and then one actually comes out where I think…hey, not too bad.

    I always wanted green eyes (mine are dark, dark brown). One time I even did colored contacts (yes, I wear glasses), but I never could get used to putting them in my eyes.

    I’m thoroughly jealous of your lovely green eyes. That is fab photo, Jess!

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  2. Hazel eyes!

    Bryon had brown eyes and I have blue. I was convinced Maddy was going to have blue eyes. She was born with them but they changed. And it took us awhile to figure out that they are hazel. Next to me, they looked brown. Next to Bryon, they looked so much lighter than his, like they were green. We finally figured out they were hazel. Makes sense as my father has hazel eyes.

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  3. Nice photo, and I love those eyes! Posting your photo doesn’t make you a narcissist (gosh, somehow I can’t spell this and had to look it up!); I’ve known a real life narcissist and it ain’t pretty. I think you’re a sweet, humble INFJ. ❤

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