Songday Sunday – Bad Company

“Music has the charms to soothe the savage beast.”

Welcome to Songday Sunday 

Today’s song is the quintessential Jessica-Bakkers-Character-Archetype song. ‘Bad Company’ by Bad Company is the very soul of every major character I have written to date. I am in love with the bad boy/girl, the anti-hero, the brooding curmudgeon who gets drawn into a good/evil battle on the begrudging side of good… and this song represents that character to me.

My first major character (and who will always come to mind when I think of this song) is my assassin character in my three novel fanfic series. However more recently, this song is the backbone behind Grace Dyer, the female lead in the WIP, Guns of Perdition.

Listen to the brooding awesomeness of ‘Bad Company’ and let yourself be introduced to my main characters…


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