Hot Properties

My pal, Dave, posted an awesome “game” on his blog earlier and I was so impressed, I just had to do it for myself. 

Here’s the gist; the idea is to provide a list of a few properties – TV series, movies, comics, novels, games – that I’d love to write, given the chance. 

So without any further ado, the properties I’d love to write for are;


So it’s no secret that I adore Supernatural. It’s my favourite show ever made… and it’s still going strong after 12 seasons! For me, the ultimate would be to write for this show. Already they’ve played with mythology I love (demons, angels, the seven deadly sins, the apocalypse) and I can only imagine what else is to come. To be able to write for this show would be a dream come true. Oh, and I dibs shotgun in Baby! 


One of the greatest injustices ever perpetrated was the cancellation of Firefly after just one season. It had a unique premise (cowboys in space), a brilliant cast, and some kind of special magic that made it all work spectacularly. I would give my right arm for this show to come back… and to be at the writer’s desk pitching scripts. 

Breaking Bad / Better Call Saul

The writing in Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul really are second to none. The plots are ingenious, the characters go beyond three dimensional and after multiple viewings I still sit on the very edge of my seat when I watch these shows. The brilliance of the creators is to be deeply admired and I would give much to work with them on such magnificent shows. 

The Witcher (books & games)

The dark, gritty world of The Witcher series is not a place I’d like to live, but I would bloody well like to write about it! A world where fairytales are darkly real and creatures roam the land, killing, cursing and devouring innocent peasant folk. Enter a scorned band of mercenary anti heroes – Witchers – who work to keep the world as safe as they can make it… and keep their coin pouches full of coin. This is a series I love to read and play, and would love to write for this world alongside Polish creator Andrzej Sapkowski. 

Vampire: The Masquerade (RPG, computer games, card games, TV show)

If you’re not aware that vampires live among us in hierarchical and political clans, then you’re sadly missing out. Vampire The Masquerade is an old school RPG (we’re talking dice and paper here people) where the player choses to be a vampire aligned with one of a number of clans. Depending on the clan will provide the player with a different play style, characteristics, lore and skills. This is an extremely rich underworld with rules, etiquette, and masses of backstory. The tangents alone that a writer could traverse make this series truly worthy of lusting after. 

So what about you? What are your hot properties? 

16 thoughts on “Hot Properties

  1. Sounds like an interesting game! And I like your mini summary of each show. 😀

    I hardly watch TV shows, and one that I do is the Mentalist! Except I’m not exactly fantastic with writing mysteries (yep, I tried). 😅

    Liked by 1 person

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