Creative, awesome looking ideas for home made bags from Ebony!


So at school we were told to make an item for a market stall where we sell things for fake money. My friends and I decided to make bags out of tee-shirts.

These are fully recycled and are pretty simple to make.

What you need:


Ova locker

Fabric scissors


1. First cut out the neck so you can put stuff in the bag.

Step 2: cut off the sleeves. This make the handles.

Step 3: Cut off the bottom of the top. Just a little depending on how big you want the bag. Make sure to round the cut.

Step 4: flip top inside out and overlock the bottom. Be sure to follow the cut as closely as possible. That helps the bag take shape.

Step 5: tie a knot on the loose threads, flip back the right way and enjoy!

This bag here was actually a…

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