Very British Problems

I was having a laugh with my good British pal, Richard Ankers, today about his love of coffee over tea. I was outraged to hear this… I mean, a Brit who prefers coffee over tea? What madness is this? 

Then I came upon this pin on Pinterest all about Very British Problems. I just had to have a laugh and share (despite being guilty of having quite a few of these problems myself). 

Anyone else out there – British or not – feel some of these problems? 

Drop me a comment below! 

40 thoughts on “Very British Problems

  1. All. So. True!
    Thanks for following my little bloggy blog. You’re my 140th follower! I kind of feel like I’ve arrived now that you’re following me 😁

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  2. Every time I see a picture of a telephone box I expect Dr Who to be coming out of it. We don’t have any phone booths anymore. And there are only a few pay phones attached to the walls of some stores. Such a shame.

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