Live Life With Gusto!

If you’re having a tough day and need a smile, nothing can cure that frown quite like Miss Roda riding a tractor singing show-tunes. I DARE you to still have a frown after watching this!

Growing Self

Our motto here at Indigo Acres is…

“Do What you Love, Love What You Do!”

We live by these words each and every day.

img_1236 As you can see, these words are even printed on our farm tees!

Are there some days that are more challenging, to live by these words, than others?  Yes, definitely!  But, living by these words is my constant goal.  I might not be Van Gogh, but I enjoy painting, so I paint.  I might not be an Iron Chef, but I love cooking, so I cook.  I might not be a Broadway star, but I love music, so I sing and play instruments.  With that being said, I encourage everyone to Live Life With Gusto! What a perfect word to kick off Monday morning! GUSTO!

I always enjoy singing show tunes while I am on the tractor. I have loved musicals ever since I was…

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