FYI – ‘Straya is what *bogans call Australia. 

*A bogan is an uncouth Australian usually seen in a *wife-beater and thongs. 

*A wife-beater and thongs is a blue singlet top and flip flops. Bogans usually get around in this attire when cooking a few *snags on the *barbie whilst having a *chinwag and swigging a few *stubbies. Better this than going around in the *nuddy.

*snags are sauasages. 

*A barbie is a barbecue

*A chinwag is a conversation.

*Stubbies are bottled beer.

*Nuddy is nude. 

Hooroo folks! 

33 thoughts on “‘Straya 

  1. 1. I bloody love Aussies
    2. I read this 5 mins ago and still have disgust induced goose pimples
    3. All I kept hearing when reading your footnotes was Alf from Home and Away on a really bad day.
    Hahaha hahaha! 😂

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  2. I always wanted to visit Australia. Now I’m terrified to even look at it on a map. WTF is going on down there? How do you make it through a day?

    I’m totally creeped out now. Thanks, Jess.

    (Fabulous post, by the way.)

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  3. I always said I wasn’t fond of the idea of going to Australia because literally everything is trying to kill you.
    Then I met an Australian who one night had to go the hospital because they forgot to check the toilet seat for spiders… and I thought yep definitely not for me.
    Now it’s more sort of like a
    F**k NO!! You flaming galah! Nope. Nope, no way, nope! Not happening.

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      1. You should get a job in the Australian tourism industry… you’ve sold me. Now I know things will kill parts of me instead of all of me I feel safe and secure enough to plan a trip to Australia.

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  4. Interesting information for me. I once saw a TV program about poisoning spiders that spread all over among houses in Australia. It was scary.
    I got confused upon trying to understand the words vocabulary at the end!!! 😮


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