The darkest hour…

So today someone stomped all over my hopes, dreams and feelings with size eleven boots for reasons I’m still unsure of. It was said it was out of concern for me but I wonder if it was more jealousy or their own sense of loss or inadequacy. Either way it’s knocked me for six and I’m now doubting things that had seemed rock solid and hopeful.

I don’t yet know what will be the ramifications of this blow but whilst feeling miserable and kicked in the guts I came across a few positive pins on Pinterest that made me feel a little hopeful, made me wonder if there might be light just on the horizon beyond this darkest hour. So I thought these pins might be worth sharing in case you too are having a dark day. Have a look through these and I hope they resonate with you as strongly as they do me.


Don’t fret for me dear ones; all will work out as it’s meant to. I’m just a bit down. Who knew an INFJ would be so sensitive 😉


26 thoughts on “The darkest hour…

  1. Don’t let anyone attack your dreams. ANYONE. When people lack the vision and drive that you have, they tend to speak negative to you and about you. I deal with it more often than I should, but nevertheless, we drive on. Keep dreaming and smiling, Jessica! =)

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  2. My favourite was a Ghandi quote. “If I believe I have the ability to achieve something, I gain that ability, even if I didn’t have that ability to begin with.”

    Works for most things, not everything. There’s some wounds only time can heal.

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  3. The second one is my favorite.

    It’s the curse of the INFJ to be sensitive. Whatever you’re dealing with, I hope you’re able to put it behind you and move on. We strive so hard to support others, it’s doubly difficult when someone turns on us. Stick to your dreams. The road is often rocky getting there, but the goal is worth chasing if it matters to you. Sending you well wishes and hugs!!

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  4. I’ll fret as much as I please, if you don’t mind.
    I don’t know what hit you, but please hold on. I know it can be horrible, and sometimes it feels like there’s no way out. Take some moments for yourself, and then get going again.
    Things will get better.

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    1. Thanks Dave; you’ve all nearly brought me to tears with your kind messages this morning. I’m a bit more numb than raw today so it’s time to get into damage control mode… decide whether to tackle the person or brush it away and move on.


  5. Sweet Jess! Never let anyone steal your Sparkle! You just Shine Girlfriend! I hope whatever it is is overcome swiftly! We will be here to help you celebrate the highs and to fight with you during the lows! Big Hugs! ❤

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  6. I’m sorry to hear you’re down and that someone stomped on your hopes and dreams. I don’t know if it’s an INFJ thing, but I’m also sensitive to that sort of thing and can understand how it feels. Hope you’ll pull up from it soon and here’s a hug from me! ❤️

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