INFJ Problems – Warped Sense of Humour

Hi. I’m an INFJ…  and I find the most inappropriate things funny.

You know when you’re at a social gathering having a lovely conversation about Jill and her pet rabbits? You’re discussing how she and Roger take care of their rabbits. They feed them and look after them and have had five litters now. Then that one person pipes up, “Guess that’s why Jill and Roger have got three kids of their own… they breed like rabbits!”

The room goes silent. Everyone looks uncomfortable, and the person who made the joke doesn’t get why everyone else didn’t think that was funny. That’s because he’s an INFJ.

And INFJ’s have a warped sense of humour.


I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve brought a room to silence with a black joke, a randy quip or a movie quote gone unacknowledged. And that’s what humour is to INFJs: dark, black humour, smutty innuendos and an endless litany of movie quotes.

Don’t get me wrong, with our “comic mask” INFJs are often the centre of attention and have people hanging on the edge of their seats for another of our dry witticisms. But then we go too far and crack a joke about the horny grannie, and everyone backs away quietly.


Luckily for me, I have the curse blessing of being married to another INFJ. So I am able to get all my dark humour out at home and have an equally ‘off’ sense of humour to get my jokes and crack his own that I appreciate. So I try to keep all my humour for home, but as I get to know people, I begin to crack wise and will inevitably drop a clanger.

So humble WP followers, if I ever say something in posts or comments that is weird, warped or odd, please bear with me. It’s just some INFJ warped humour working its way in.


*If you’d like to know more about INFJs or the Myers Briggs Personality Types follow this link.

51 thoughts on “INFJ Problems – Warped Sense of Humour

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  1. “My Lord, the city is under attack.”
    “Did you do as I instructed with the women and children?”
    “Yes My Lord, but the catapults could only hold 4 at a time.”

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      1. There’s a webcomic I’d recommend to you, Looking for Group, often shortened to LFGcomic. It’s very World of Warcraft archetypes, but there’s one character in particular, Richard, who is just hilarious. He has no respect for anyone or anything. He once mistook a torture chamber for a spa, and responded to his “ministrations” with such enthusiasm that his torturer took a leave of absence to seek therapy. It’s brilliant!

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    1. I’ve heard a similar joke only worse lol.
      The first mate approached the captain of the ship and says, “sir, the ship is sinking. Should we evacuate the women and children first?”
      “Fuck the women and children,” said the captain.
      “Do we have time?” asked the first mate.

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  2. I’m not an INFJ but I this is definitely my sense of humour.
    I have silenced many a room… it’s remarkable how dark I can take humour. People expect it like the Spanish inquisition.
    Also quoting songs is a favourite of mine.

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  3. These dark humour bits tickled me a little, though I can’t say I have a dark sense of humour. 😅

    I do know I’ve had a different sense of humour compared to many people, because even as a kid I could never get any of the jokes in a sitcom; everyone else (my family) would be laughing and I was like, “Okay, that’s just dumb.” 😅

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  4. I used to do this quite a lot and then on account of making such jokes, I went the other extreme and kept silent. I’m glad to know that there are people out there just like me.


  5. I’m great with movie quotes but rarely can pull off a joke in a crowd of people. I think my humor isn’t so much dark as just warped (although I laughed at every thing here). Rowan Atkinson doing Black Adder is the sly, snide kind of humor I favor. And I’m such a nice person, LOL!

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  6. Oh my gosh, I relate to what you write so much!!! I have the exact same kind of humor and it cracks me up because people always seem eager, but also terrified of what I’ll say next. I don’t find people like that often, I really love what you post!

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    1. Thanks Devin! I have a post scheduled that talks about the utter blissful joy we INFJs feel when we discover what the myers briggs types indicator is all about and learn INFJ is a thing (and we’re not actually aliens in human form).

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  7. Mine comes out as INTJ, I just don’t remember what all the letters stand for. Introvert and judging stuck with me, but that’s about it. Graveyard humor is in my wheelhouse, so we have that in common.

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  8. Never heard of INFJ before, but now I do it might explain the phrases I come out with and things I read. I guess it’s all about being incongruous and making people laugh by surprising them. Like the time I turned up at a party dressed as batman, but was the only one, dressed up I mean, not just like batman. Or when a parent is telling me about how thier kids constantly fight with each other, and then lash out as one does a burping noise, and all I can do is pray I don’t burst out burping too.

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  9. I also have a very twisted sense of humour. I currently make a lot of murder jokes, ‘Imma cut you’, ‘feeling stabby’, etc. jokes at work – which is great cause my boss has the same sense of humour and it works.

    However, I’m getting a new boss. Now I’m having an existential crisis. “Who will my new work ‘self’ be? Can she still be depraved? I DON’T KNOW ANYMORE!! Ahhhhhhhhh!”

    The moral of the story – if it was at all unclear here – is: great post girl. You do you.

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  10. You had me in tears from laughing so hard and I’m an INFP maybe it’s INF’s that can understand the dark sense of humour. I’ve had similar experiences that for reason made me feel like is it just me or no one can see the big elephant in the room? Pointing out the obviousness and making everyone feel uncomfortable unintentionally of course… love your post

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  11. Yep, that’s me. As I have no friends left now, I just sit at home and write silly stories for fun and post them on the internet. Yep, honestly, for fun. Yeah I know, weird right?
    Glad to find your blog, I shall appropriately touch the follow button on it.

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  12. This is so me! People always assume I’m innocent, naive and prude, but my sense of humour is very dark, chock full of smutty innuendos and references to movies/books no one has heard of. Things that most people find funny are boring to me and since I don’t laugh with others, they assume I’m a cold person who has no sense of humour.


  13. I have come up as INFJ. Although I tend cringe at innuendos, I certainly have backwards humour (as evident in my last post!). Glad it’s not just me.


  14. I love it. I am INFJ and I write a blog about how I found humor in my narcissistic abuse and being ghosted after a long term marriage. Danger Will Robinson! Not a topic people expect to be entertaining. I have a warning on the front page so as not to offend anyone.

    I laugh so much at the various memes you’ve posted because they’re so true.

    People think I’m gregarious, but I have to be a recluse after a good dose of ‘too much people time’. I have cleared my shares of rooms as well with humorous commentary. Nah, more like good-natured gallows humor. I am really working on using my filer more though.

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    1. Hi fellow INFJ! Glad you could “see” yourself in some of these memes… sometimes I don’t know whether to be comforted or scared when I see memes that cut so close to the bone!


  15. Wow! That makes sense! My parents used to call me “Wednesday Adams” when I was little. My husband’s sister said at our wedding, “I’m glad you found someone with a dark, twisted sense of humor too.” I still don’t know how she knew that about me, but oh well.
    That’s cool that you married an INFJ. I married an INTJ, and we have a similar dark sense of humor.


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