Baird Revisited

One of my favourite short stories floating about on WP is Penny’s ‘Baird’ piece…

Penny Wilson Writes

 I posted a different version of this story some time back.  Some of the feedback I received about it suggested that it needed a twist.  So I reworked the story.  This is another version with the same theme.  See what you think!  Your input in appreciated! 

–Last Day on Baird

Marilyn was in a rush.  There was so much to do before everyone arrived.  She peeked through the oven door.  The roast was coming along fine.

As Marilyn made her way into the living room, she looked out the front window.  The three suns of Baird turned the sky a lovely green.  It was a beautiful day to die.

The remaining Earthlings were moved to the planet of Baird just in the nick of time as their planet was dying.  The humans had put Earth through such abuse, it was now uninhabitable.

The beings of Baird welcomed the Earthlings…

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