The Outcast’s Bloghouse Welcomes… Penny

This week’s member inducted into The Oucast’s Bloghouse is freelance, short story, novel writer, poet and blogger, Penny.

Whoops! This is only Penny’s foot!

Here she is!
Penny’s blog, Penny Lane’s Thoughts, is a collection of musings, short stories, poetry and inspiring thoughts that Penny shares freely with the WP community.

Penny has said in passing that she’s not averse to dark writing, and something of this statement can be seen in my personal favourite Last Day On Baird, a sad, slightly dark sci-fI with a twist short story. However, Penny is far from a one trick pony and can pull off emotional poetry that hits you right in the feels (see Entwine).

I for one am keen to see what the two novels Penny is currently working on are all about!

On life, Penny has this to say;

My life has been quite diverse, to say the least. My very early days were spent in the woods of the Pacific Northwest. My father was a timber-faller. We lived in a shack with no electricity or running water. Later on, my mother married a migrant worker. We lived in Picker’s Cabins, tents or the back of the station wagon. We did whatever it took to follow the fruit and the all mighty dollar. Some of what you will see here [in Penny’s blog] is based on these life experiences. Other posts come from other inspiration.”

An all-rounder, talented writer who has only recently embraced the fact that she IS a writer, I dub Penny a member of the Outcast’s Bloghouse and Emerging Powerhouse Wordsmith.

Welcome Penny and I gift you this Outcast’s Bloghouse logo to display on your own blog!

Outcast's Bloghouse

6 thoughts on “The Outcast’s Bloghouse Welcomes… Penny

  1. Jessica Bakkers is one Awesome Lady! Thank you so much for the kind words, the follows and the clicks I’ve Received. This may be silliness, but I am quite honored to be a member of Jess’s Outcast’s Bloghouse! Thank you all for the warm Welcome!

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