Inspiration behind Guns

I have been listening to the soundtrack I’ve made for Guns of Perdition and thought I’d share some of the songs with you’all as well as some images that have inspired me regarding this upcoming novel. This might give you’all an idea if what to expect from Guns…

“Bad Company” – Bad Company

This song could have been written for my main character Grace. I love it.

“Diggin My Grave” – William Elliot Whitmore

The banjo and this guy’s raw voice are unreal together. A definite inspiration for Guns…

“Hurt” – Johnny Cash

Mr Cash. I love this guy. This particular song is my favourite of Johnny’s and aptly, I think of my lead character, Johnny, when I hear this song.

“Oh Death” – Jen Titus


“Outlaw State of Mind” – Chris Stapleton

Chris Stapleton’s AMAZING voice in Outlaw State of Mind is yet another embodiment of my main character Grace.

Inspirational images



Hope this gives you some kind of an idea of what’s in store for future readers!

16 thoughts on “Inspiration behind Guns

  1. Love this post! What a clever and creative way to show some of the inspiration behind Guns. An excellent collection of music and graphics. I expect the book will be thoroughly excellent too. This is one I’m really looking forward to!

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  2. Everything was going well reading your post, until I got to the last batch of pictures. Yikes! Not the sort of thing you want to see just before you switch off the laptop to go to sleep 🤣
    I’m off to look for some pictures of cute, fluffy kittens now… 🤣
    Nighty night!

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