Lightning flashed through the dark night and illuminated the decrepit old mansion and the single soul who resided there. As homes went, it needed work. A lot of work. The roof was crumbling in places, letting in the elements and fauna. Some of the walls were also crumbling, and where they were whole, mould and mildew set in. The wooden beams in the place had long rotted away along with the once fine furninshings and tapestries.

Yet, it was home. The only home he had. The only home he’d ever known. And truth be told, he didn’t mind the ruin. He didn’t mind the squalor.

The only thing he did mind was the loneliness. The constant, long, unending years of loneliness. The waiting to meet someone new. Anyone, he wasn’t fussy. Sure, a beautiful, young woman would be best, but he’d settle for an annoying insurance salesman. As long as he had a tongue and would talk. As long as he had a heartbeat and life and would drive away the loneliness.

Lightning flickered again and this time it illuminated something. Something moving up the overgrown driveway towards the mansion. He watched with barely held anticipation. Could it be? Was this… a visitor?

With each consecutive flash of lightning the figure moved ever closer. He could see the person was hunched against the screaming wind and thudding rain. The person had their coat drawn up over their head and was hurrying up the driveway as fast as they could.

Thunder boomed overhead as the person dashed across the cracked driveway and made it to the shelter of the large overhanging eaves. He stared as the person lowered the coat, and long, red hair, damp and wild, spilled down around her shoulders. She was stunning. And alive. And she promised respite from the loneliness.

He watched as she eyed his home with trepidation. He was mesmerised by her loveliness as she stepped closer. He shivered in utter delight as she looked at him and a quirky smile came to her lips. Then… she touched him and he felt joy and utter bliss such as he hadn’t known for decades. Her soft, gentle fingers caressed his horns then made their silky way down his brow ridges and stroked the tip of his nose. She lowered her hand and grasped the brass knocker he held between his teeth and knocked it against the door.

“Hello? Is anyone there?”

Her voice was music. The loneliness drifted away. He had a companion again, after all these years! He let the door swing open and she hesitantly stepped inside. As she passed over his threshold he slammed the door behind her.


This is my little entry into Sue Vincent’s #WritePhoto Thursday photo prompt.

As soon as I saw this guy I just knew I had to write him as sentient. Is that weird? 

24 thoughts on “Knock

  1. Very nice. The story does a great job of concealing that key detail until the last minute. And there’s room to feel either joy or concern, as this character’s hunger for company could easily become threatening.

    Liked by 1 person

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