Who was/is your celebrity crush?

Inspired by Kerry’s post Who is your celebrity crush? I promised readers that I would reveal my own celebrity crushes, and without any more to-do, here they are in all their handsomeness…

Sheriff Lucas Buck – American Gothic

The dark hearted, evil minion of Hell, Sheriff Lucas Buck, of American Gothic was perhaps my first childhood celebrity crush which says a lot about me. I wasn’t into the actor who played him (the very talented Gary Cole), but the character. This demonstrates my love of characters over actual people, my inclination towards the anti-hero dark character, and my fondness for… ahem, older men. I would’ve been 13 – 14 at the time and for the record, my friends were all crushing on Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams of Take That.

Raistlin Majere

Okay so Raistlin Majere might not be a “celebrity” crush, although on Krynn he would definitely class as an infamous celebrity. If you haven’t read the Dragonlance chronicles, you won’t know Raistlin, but he is (IMHO) the epitome of anti-hero. The cynical, sarcastic, bittersweet mage with a Godhood complex, was my first major introduction to the concept of anti-heroes and I fell instantly in love with both Raistlin and the character archetype. So much so, you’ll struggle to not find an anti-hero somewhere in my writing!

David Duchovny

DD was probably my most traditional “childhood” celebrity crush. I was 14 or 15 when the X-Files came out, and being a bit different and weird myself, I fell instantly in love with both the show and the tall, broody Fox Smoulder Mulder. This was the crush that had me practice drama in the hopes that I could one day get a part on the X-Files and sweep DD off his feet. Knowing now about his proclivities towards sex-addiction, I could have been in with a real shot!

Nick Cave

I use the term celebrity crush rather loosely when it comes to NC. Yes I was absolutely head-over heels smitten with the Prince of Darkness, and ran out to buy every single album ever made by NC & The Bad Seeds, The Birthday Party and The Boys Next Door. But my love was deeper than a crush for NC; it was admiration for the poet behind the songs, the creative genius that made those dark melancholic lyrics.  I was attracted to the bard moreover than the man himself. And yes, I’m still fond of NC music today.

Jared Padalecki

Now we’re moving from “childhood” to “overly hormonal thirty-something” crush that is totally inappropriate but oh-so fun! This half of the Winchester brothers on Supernatural can climb into my bedroom any night (of course he’d have to agree to cuddle hubby but I’m sure they could work things out). Unlike most of my crushes, I actually find Jared himself to be very sweet, good-natured and good-humoured which is more attractive to me than his tortured, serious alter-ego Sam Winchester. Perhaps my tastes are changing as I get older…

…or perhaps not.

Jensen Ackles / Dean Winchester

The other half of the Winchester brothers from Supernatural is Dean… and lets face it, you’d have to be blind, deaf and dead not to find this guy hot. While the actor, Jensen Ackles, seems a serious, devoted family man, it’s the hard-as-nails, bad ass with a wicked sense of humour, Dean, that I’m in love with. If you haven’t watched this show, go now. Now! If you have… then you know what I’m talking about. Dean for the win.


So now I throw it open to YOU. Who were your childhood celebrity crushes? Who ARE you crushes now? Don’t be shy! Play along!

30 thoughts on “Who was/is your celebrity crush?

  1. Cool, a Dragon Lance reader! You’re synopsis of Raistlin was spot on. If you had been around when I bought my pet rabbit, at least you wouldn’t have looked at me funny when I named her Bupu.

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  2. Definitely, Dean Winchester, although as you say Jared Padelicki is awesome as the real-life version. I love his work with mental health awareness. As one who suffers from such, I appreciate all that he does. I also like David Nolan as Prince Charming in OUAT. The Big screen, Orlando Bloom and Viggio Mortensen. Oh, and Captain America. Swoon, lol.

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  3. You make me want to back and read Dragonlance again. 🙂

    For anti-heroes, have you ever read the Elric Saga by Michael Moorcock? Or the Coldfire Trilogy by C. S. Friedman? Gerald Tarrant of the Coldfire books is tied for my favorite fictional character of all time. I even had framed artwork of the original book cover back in the day.

    I enjoyed your picks. I never caught American Gothic, but I think I might have to go track down the episodes!

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    1. I once did a google search on “good anti-heroes” and Gerald Tarrant’s name came up. I didn’t get the books then but I think i’ll go back and have a look again now that you mention it.

      American Gothic was (still is) one of my all time favourite shows. Has a bit of a Twin Peaks vibe, but explores the whole good / evil thing really well (which I love).

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  4. Girlfriend, you have Really Good Taste in Men! Yummy!
    My main crush forever has been Sean Connery…..sigh!
    I have had an off and on imaginary love affair with Scott Bakula. I fell in love with him when the old series Quantum Leap was popular!
    These days, I’ve been crushing hard on Trace Adkins, a Country & Western singer. If you are not familiar, look him up on Youtube. Nice eye candy. I promise. 🙂


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