Who is your celebrity crush?

I love Kerry’s list! Keep watching folks for my own list in a few days time….

Running Forward...My Way

When I was listing my facts on last nights Liebster Award, I listed that I totally have a crush on Marco Rubio.  ‘Tis true.  Bryon used to tease me about it.  We talked about everything from politics and religion to bodily functions (sorry if that’s TMI but it’s true) and our current and past celebrity crushes.  We were comfortable with celebrity crushes.  No jealousy.

I usually write about deep things on this blog.  Deep and painful things.  So today is Friday and I decided to do something fun.  I am going to write about my celebrity crushes through the years.  This is just the highlights.  It is not a complete list.

Alex P. Keaton/Michael J Fox

Alex Keaton…he’s so cute.



Scott Baio/Charles

I don’t even know what Charles’ last name was but I wanted him to be in charge of me.



George Stephanopoulos

6th grade Kerry watched…

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12 thoughts on “Who is your celebrity crush?

  1. While most of my teenage contemporaries in the late 70s had crushes on Farrah Fawcett, I had a serious crush on Lynda Carter, (TV’s Wonder Woman.) I’m going to see the new Wonder Woman film next week and I’ll be comparing notes as how this one stacks up to Lynda.

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