Outcast’s Bloghouse Member List

Welcome all to the Outcast’s Bloghouse – a place for all the non-cool kids of WordPress to hang out, chew gum, flick through comics and read bad poetry to one another.

Who are we? Find your illustrious and enviable members below!

Not actually us… we’re much better looking

Jessica Bakkers – CEO (Childish Evil Overlord)

Cathleen Townsend – Chief Defender Against Mythical Invaders

Davide Mana – Crusader of Knowledge and Pulp Fiction

Amy L Sauder – Creative Dreamer and Guardian of Ever After

Mohamad Al Karbi – Senior Accounting Expert and Giver of Endless Kindness

IWannaBeALady (aka Lyz-Stephanie) – Costume, Make-up and Choreographer Extraordinaire to the CEO

Stories4U (aka Ebony) – Rising Talent We Need To Watch Sky-Rocket

D Wallace Peach (aka Diana) – Most Senior Ranking Wizard-Writer and Deep Thinker

Millie Schmidt – Sister to the Muse Goddess Calliope

MainePaperPusher (aka Linda) – Dog Mom, Silly Auntie And Baffling Wife To All Lonely Bloghouse Members

Ellen Hawley – Official Guide Through The Oddities Of Life Abroad

Belleza – Multi-Blogger Book Devourer Extraordinaire

Roda – Cleanser of Darkened Spirits and Souls

Sunny Lanning – Sunshine Spreading Pirate Wrangler

Penny – Emerging Powerhouse Wordsmith

Ashutosh Jha – Poet King of Feelings

Michael (AKA 80’sMetalMan) – Not To Be Effed With Roadie To The Bloghouse

Renata Fernandes – Official Counsellor to the Bloghouse Gang

Mae Clair – Bride of the Mothman

Isabel Caves – Ethereal One; Mistress of Whimsy and Word; Ephemeral One

Traci Kenworth – Tireless PR Manager and Giver of Hugs

Kerry McKim – Champion Runner, Winning at Life

Staci Troilo – Resident Celebrity In Da House

Adam – Existentialist Explorer of Word and Thought

Maria – Resident Super Hero

Linda Lee Lyberg – Destined Artist and Word Weaver


This list will be updated with each new member.

28 thoughts on “Outcast’s Bloghouse Member List

Add yours

  1. I’m sure your group will be greatly enhanced with the presence of Diana,
    Most Senior Ranking Wizard-Writer and Deep Thinker. Does she write about wizards or to them? When she looks like she’s deep thinking,just check she hasn’t taken the opportunity of nodding of.
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I thousand times love this, and the representative image. I’m pretty sure if we got together in person, THAT would be just about how we’d be posing 😉 And I imagine we’d have outrageous costuming, but I’d have to confirm that with our Costume Extraordinaire 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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