(6) If Song Lyrics Were Read As Prose

Check out Hansen’s latest “if song lyrics were read as prose” !

25,000 Light-years

As promised I’ve gone ahead and made up for last week’s no show by marking two songs this week.

I’ve taken a suggestion from Jessica this week, Pink Floyd’s Mother.

Mother Lyrics

A B grade isn’t too shabby but there’s definitely some weird Oedipal stuff going there.

In honour of Eurovision and a sign of my lack of creativity currently I’ve also picked Waterloo by Abba. Probably the most well known song from the 60 odd years of competition.

Waterloo Lyrics

S. Hansen

P.S. If this has turned out to be a bit crap, I apologise because I’m doing this just after a drinking game…

P.P.S I want to make it known to everyone I ever meet that I’m severely disappointed by the 2017 ESC winner. Crap song and a complete lack of humility in the acceptance speech.

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