Wow. 200 followers. 200 people out there who think I’ve got something worth saying… or just like the pretty colours I tend to populate my blog posts with πŸ˜‰

Regardless, I’m overwhelmed and certainly wasn’t expecting all of you to find and follow me when I started blogging in February.


I know some of you quite well by now, the folk who like to have a back and forth dialogue, the folk who like a joke or a quip, and the poor folk who have come across my many comments on their own blogs. It’s not stalking I swear.

But to the followers who like to hide in the shadows, who like to watch but not participate, I’d like to invite you to step out of the shadows and say “hi!” – I don’t bite (ok well, I do, but you’re safe in your own house so you’ve got nothing to fear). I’d love to meet you all properly so please, leave me a comment and say g’day and drop off your URL to your own blog while at it.


Thanks again lovelies! You honour me with your follows!


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