Where do you do your writing? 

Where do you do your writing?

Have you ever tried to write somewhere other than your nook? Do you frequently write elsewhere?

I remember reading how J K Rowling wrote Harry on the train on her way to work – not sure if it’s true or not but if so, bloody hell! How’s she do it?

I absolutely cannot write (fiction) anywhere else but my nook. There are just too many distractions, too many voices, too many interruptions.

Do you feel the same way… or maybe I’m just precious?

25 thoughts on “Where do you do your writing? 

  1. I almost always write on my bed with my laptop on my lap. Only on occasions do I write in my living room. But I do come up with ideas just about anywhere. I’ll often pull some slip of paper out of my pocketbook (even an old receipt) and jot down key words or phrases so I don’t forget them.

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  2. I write at my desktop PC, in the chaos of my library, often listening to music.
    I sort of can write elsewhere, but I get more easily distracted.
    Like writing on a train… why waste time writing on a train when on a train you can observe people and take notes for characters, and eavesdrop and take notes for dialogue? Ah!

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  3. My favourite time to write is early mornings, sitting at the table on my verandah. First light, birds chirping and the silence of the neighbourhood all sooth my writer soul. Otherwise I am happy to sit anywhere really as long as there are no direct distractions. The hum of people talking or the flurry of their activity does not worry me as long as they are not talking to me or involving me directly. And I love silently observing people for character inspiration.

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  4. I find that my writing comes in two forms, the intentional “I’m going to write now”, and the sudden “you WILL write now” that sometimes strikes when something random ignites my inspiration. Then I have to either step aside and jot it down, or repeat it over and over again so that I don’t lose it.

    Most of the time I retreat to somewhere secluded to write, a room with only one door, a computer, and few reasons for others to come in. I often work in corners, out of view of a window, because I’d be forever looking outside, imagining new stories, instead of working on my current one.

    Distractions are always a challenge, but I’ve become a big fan of foam earplugs. By themselves they may only cut down on the noise, but if I put headphones on over earplugs, any background noise is easily drowned out by “loud” but “not loud to me” music.
    Of course sometimes I’ll write in my head, while on a walk, or immersing myself in some setting that feels akin to where and what I’m trying to write.

    As with all things, I think the key is trusting in what’s worked before, but remaining open to other possibilities. Changing the time of day or location in which I write sometimes helps to shake me out of a creative knot, though nothing works better than a good run. I’ll struggle with my project until I’m blue in the face, then go for a run, and after a few minutes the pieces drift into alignment, and the answer’s plain as day.

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      1. A pleasure to make your acquaintance as well. I’ve been perusing your blog. Thank you kindly for sharing so much of yourself. I have quite a bit of reading to look forward to. 😉

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