A noob move

Ok, I’m a dick. Just say it and be done with it.

I’ve had dozens of delightful, lovely bloggers reach out to me over the past three months that I’ve been active (152 to be precise), and I’ve read so many insightful comments, posts and general words of wisdom that I’ve felt motivated to follow a few hundred folk in return.

Alas I did not have the wit to understand why I did not get emails advising me about new posts published by some of the folk whose comments I really love. So imagine my surprise and red-faced embarrassment earlier today when I stumbled on the “manage followed sites” section on WP Reader… and saw all those lovely people with ’emails for new posts’ turned off!

God dammit! I didn’t know I had to manage this?!

So many of you snubbed!

So many valuable posts missed!

*Gets down on knees* Please, find it within you to forgive me this noob move, and I look forward to finally keeping up with you all!


23 thoughts on “A noob move

  1. It was a while before I discovered the admin page to manage comments and check people’s message weren’t being sent to spam incorrectly… I’m too proud to follow a tutorial if there was one so I’ve been making this stuff up as I go, not the best plan of attack, you should see me with Ikea furniture…

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  2. Wish WordPress had a laughter button like Facebook does… personally I only get emails from the ones I really really like, and browse Reader when I’ve got a bit of time for the others – but I guess it depends how much time you’re able to spend.

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  3. I did the opposite! I switched off email notifications because my inbox was a disaster and I chose to follow via Reader instead. Oh well, this blogging is all al learning curve…
    Great numbers of new followers BTW – I don’t how I’d keep up with all that! Slow & steady for me I think!

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      1. I don’t find any of this intuitive, but then I never watched a tutorial or anything- just jumped right in. And WP can be a little glitchy. As soon as you learn how to do something, they change it. 🙂

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