The start of a fictional story (title wanted)

From a budding writer; my 11 year old amazing niece!


The clattering of the hooves against the tough gravel. “Go! Go!” I yelled to Queen. I kept looking back as we got further and further away from the orphanage. Through the Australian bush Queen and I went. The more further from the dreadful place the temperatures seemed to rise. Queen started to sweat and slowly started to move from a gallop to a canter. I decided to stop. I slowed Queen down to a trot then a walk then led her near a tree where I latched her reined onto a branch. I unzipped my rucksack and took out a container of water. I screwed off the lid and held it up to Queen’s muzzle. After a short break we were back on the path. Since it was so hot I decided to continue to walk instead of gallop for Queen’s sake.Two hours had past trekking through bush land, there…

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