The Outcast’s Bloghouse welcomes… Davide Mana

This week’s member inducted into The Oucast’s Bloghouse is the man of mystery – Davide (Dave) Mana.


After his parents disappeared under an avalanche while exploring the Himalayas, Davide Mana was raised by the monks in a Tibetan monastery where he learned mentalism and the ancient superscience of Lemuria…

That would be cool, isn’t it?

Alas, that might also be fiction.


What isn’t fiction is that Italian born Dave grew up with a love for adventure, exploration and dinosaurs which is the reason why Dave pursued a science curriculum and ended up, after various (mis)adventures, with a BSc in Earth Sciences as a micropalaeontologist and much later with a PhD in Geology as a renewable energies expert.

As for writing, Dave started in high school, in the early ’80s due to a love of telling stories and as a means to impress a certain blonde who sat at the bottom of the class reading comics during history hours (sadly she wasn’t impressed).

Dave kept writing however and has had stories and gaming material published since the mid-90s. Dave is kept busy with two blogs, one in italian, strategie evolutive (no capitalization), and the English blog – Karavansara – a blog about adventure, the East, stories, the pulps and, occasionally, dinosaurs.

Dave writes mostly genre fiction – SF, fantasy, some horror, the occasional thriller and the lot often with a historical twist. Apart from self publishing, Daves stories have also been published in English by Acheron Books, by Pro Se Press, by Raven’s Head Press and by Sword & Sorcery magazine and by GGStudio.

The Ministry of Thunder


The Corsair: Chasing the Mermaid


For Acheron Books Dave is currently the managing editor of the Zenobia line, publishing international imaginative fiction in Italian.

Oh and Dave also writes for the roleplaying games industry.

For his many accomplishments, over-the-top educational achievements and Indiana Jones sense of style, I dub Davide Mana, a member of the Outcast’s Bloghouse and Crusader of Knowledge and Pulp Fiction.

14 thoughts on “The Outcast’s Bloghouse welcomes… Davide Mana

  1. hi jessica i have been reading some of your posts i am just curious what is outcast’s blog house cause see i just started blogging from a week i wanna know what is it there in world of bloggers.

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      1. well i will love to but i am not sure that i quite as any qualified writer i just write poems for fun and for bio
        my name is Ashutosh Jha
        currently a student
        writing to fight my depression and anxiety
        dont have any degree in writing and haven’t written any book or something but ya i love writing
        and also love be in community of writers cause yes i will love to get introduced to other writers.
        i gave you all that i think define my writing if think that i am eligible i would love to be part it.

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