The Artist’s Corner

The artist I am impressed with in April is Amy Price of Aussie Star Resources.


Ok so this isn’t technically an ‘artsy’ tribute, but for her dedication to educating the next generation, and her commitment to seeing quality teachers resources hit the educational market, i’m acknowledging Amy and Aussie Star Resources anyway.

Amy creates quality resources for teachers to use to educate children, specifically about Australia history, in a fun and entertaining way. Amy packs together quite a bundle of resources that include researching, mapping and comprehension activities.

Aussie Star Resources are the perfect way for teachers faced with having to educate their students the fascinating history of Australia, without having that history turn into a dry and dull event. With Aussie Star Resources, learning can be exciting as well as interesting! Amy says;

“At Aussie Star we know how busy you are and how hard it is to find interesting and engaging teaching resources for upper primary students. There’s a fine line between cutesy and cool with this age group and you want to provide them with resources and activities that respect their age and interests, and keep them engaged in your lesson. Well that’s what Aussie Star Resources do, we create awesome resources that receive great feedback from teachers just like you!”

If you’re interested in learning more, pop along to Amy’s site or head straight to the store and check out the resources for yourself!


8 thoughts on “The Artist’s Corner

    1. Yes they are. Pop over to the site and have a flick through. If you’ve got questions, contact Amy Price, owner of Aussie Star Resources and she’ll help you out – she’s very friendly and approachable! A supply teacher? Is that different from a regular teacher?

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