The Outcast’s Bloghouse welcomes… Cathleen Townsend

This week’s member inducted into The Oucast’s Bloghouse is fantasy powerhouse and all around noble, regal soul; Cathleen Townsend.

Cathleen Townsend

Cathleen loves a good tale, especially if it involves history or fantasy. She resides in gold country in California’s beautiful Sierra Nevada foothills, which in her mind contains trolls, brownies, kobolds, and dwarves.

Cathleen, an avid reader, writer and lover of fairy tales, loves to hang out with dragons, fairies and anyone who likes a good short story, and loves to chat with readers on her blog

Cathleen’s published works include her own book of twisted faerie tales and a collection of stand-alone stories printed in notable literary journals and anthologies;

Dragon Hoard and other tales of faerie.


Memories of the Past – an anthology series from the editor of Fantasia Divinity, Madeline Stout.

Story Emporium – a collection of steampunk and weird western adventures

‘Property’, in A Bleak New World – a dystopian anthology series

‘Trojan Wargames’, in The Art of Losing – the inaugural Thinkerbeat anthology

Cathleen has been published by Raven International Publishing, Thinkerbeat, Everyday Fiction, Fantasia Divinity, Story Emporium, and Longshot Island. A free digital copy of her first short story collection, Dragon Hoard and Other Tales of Faerie, is available to all comers on her website/blog.

A genuinely friendly, quirky and fearless knight in shining armour, I dub Cathleen Townsend, a member of The Outcast’s Bloghouse and Chief Defender Against Mythical Invaders.


8 thoughts on “The Outcast’s Bloghouse welcomes… Cathleen Townsend

  1. Hey, I’m in the club! And I didn’t have to do anything scary like race across old man Carson’s back yard with the chained-up Rottweiler first. Thanks, Jessica. 🙂

    Now if he had a chained-up Cerberus, I suppose that would fall squarely within my newly acquired responsibilities. *picks up net and straps on protective hockey gear*

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