Prologue – The Wheel Mages

I’ve just read the prologue of Aimee Davis’s “The Wheel Mages”. It’s got me instantly hooked. It promises high fantasy and sounds like it deals with elemental magic (my favourite brand of magic). After reading her impressive prologue, I’m off to amazon to see what’s for sale! Check out Aimee’s prologue here: Source: Prologue – The Wheel Mages

9 thoughts on “Prologue – The Wheel Mages

  1. Ah! Thank you!! It is elemental magic (the best magic that is not done nearly enough in fantasy, IMHO). My MC is a water mage, but some of my favorite characters to write are air mages, because their magic is super subtle and intricate and that’s fun 😁 I loved the way you described it above as “capricious in nature” 💙 Also, thanks for sharing!!

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    1. My pleasure to share Aimee. Looks like a great series. I wrote half a trilogy on elemental magic back when I was in my teens but as I became an adult I realised how juvenile my writing was. It’s a big job to go back and rewrite, and I now have other plans for my first few books but maybe one day I’ll hop back into that world and share those elemental Mages with people!


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