Noteworthy News – What’s Up Down Under

The end of a weekend and a month all in one fell swoop, and with such auspicious timing, I felt it was about time to share some news about what’s up Down Under.

A Make-Over

My site has undergone a makeover and name change. In preparation for “upping” my freelance writing game, I’ve opted to simply call my blog Jessica Bakkers, and I felt the fresh new look complimented the simplistic title. Coming soon will be a gallery section where I will feature my published work. Speaking of published work…

Guns of Perdition


Today I finally had a chance to sink a few more hours into my upcoming book, Guns of Perdition. I’m still in the writing stage but I will be seeking Beta readers before too long. If you’d like to volunteer to be a Beta reader please let me know! Missed a chance to read an excerpt from Guns? Check out Steve Boseley’s Fragment Friday … and the rest of his site too, great and talented dude!

Balance and Juggling

I’m still struggling to balance a 9 – 5 day job and increasingly demanding freelance and creative writing schedule. I’m hoping the situation will resolve in three weeks time when I dramatically reduce my day job hours, but until then I may be less frequent with blog posts. Please forgive me!

Daylight Savings Comes to an End


Today here in OZ we turned our clocks back an hour and got in some extra sleep as daylight savings came to an end. A lot of folks I know lament the darker nights and colder weather, but to me it’s like Christmas has come early; I can snuggle up in my writing nook with the heater blasting, curtains drawn and no-one to grumble at me to “go out and enjoy the day”. Sigh. Thank you winter.


And that’s it for now. Take care friends and readers!

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