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Author Steve Boseley - Half a Loaf of Fiction

half a loaf of fiction Steve BoseleyFor a long time, I’ve been offering a free story to readers as an incentive to join my email list. It has been chugging along, adding people here and there, but I felt like I wanted to offer something more. Something different. But what? Two stories? I’m not sure if I can sell myself on the back of one short story, or even two. I need something more. After much searching and thinking, I came up with the idea for ‘Half a Loaf of Fiction.’

I couldn’t settle on one thing, so I’ve come up with a compendium of my work, covering horror (of course), humour (of course), plus much more! At this point in my writing life, I’m interested in making links with potential readers, so I wanted to share parer of me in this book, so as well as short stories, you can also read some of my…

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A noob move

Ok, I'm a dick. Just say it and be done with it. I've had dozens of delightful, lovely bloggers reach out to me over the past three months that I've been active (152 to be precise), and I've read so many insightful comments, posts and general words of wisdom that I've felt motivated to follow … Continue reading A noob move

The start of a fictional story (title wanted)

From a budding writer; my 11 year old amazing niece!


The clattering of the hooves against the tough gravel. “Go! Go!” I yelled to Queen. I kept looking back as we got further and further away from the orphanage. Through the Australian bush Queen and I went. The more further from the dreadful place the temperatures seemed to rise. Queen started to sweat and slowly started to move from a gallop to a canter. I decided to stop. I slowed Queen down to a trot then a walk then led her near a tree where I latched her reined onto a branch. I unzipped my rucksack and took out a container of water. I screwed off the lid and held it up to Queen’s muzzle. After a short break we were back on the path. Since it was so hot I decided to continue to walk instead of gallop for Queen’s sake.Two hours had past trekking through bush land, there…

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