Something Fishy Afoot

Seven fish walked into a bar,

In the middle of the night,

And said “good morning” to a surgeon

 Dressed in a pitch, black white.

A purple spotted tiger,

Languishing on a rug,

Wandered over to a hat-stand,

And gave it a big, yet tiny, large hug.

The doctor asked the bar flies,

“ O Royal ones! What’ll it be?”

And the four fish chorused, “A pint, a pint!”

in kaleidoscopic harmony.

An angel with a curled mustache,

Flew over to them and said,

“My loves, my loves, have some of this,”

And scooped the brains out of her head.

The nineteen fish turned on their stools,

As Elvis grooved into the bar,

Followed by a golden, gorgeous man,

 the Egyptian sun god, Ra.

The fish shook its piscine head,

As an otter applied a lotion.

“The surface world is just too weird,”

And he dived back into the ocean.

*Yeah, i’m not sure what pills I was on when I wrote this one either…

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