The Social Outcasts of WordPress

Millie Schmidt’s great blog post, The Cool Kids of WordPressย awoke the inner anarchist in me and I simply had to create a post in the same spirit but with my own black twist to it.

You see, at school I was not one of the cool kids.

I was the brooding goth who stood in the corner wearing a vial of my own blood around my neck and spouted demented poetry at anyone who came near.

And in many respects, I don’t think I’ve changed. Although I aspire to be a respected writer I doubt I’ll ever reach the heights of the ‘cool kids’ as mentioned in Millie’s post.

So I dedicate this post to my fellow goths, nerds, and exchange school students – let’s unite in our noobness, our under-developed reputations and shout a loud “we’re here!” to the WordPress community.


I’ll kick off:

“G’day all! I’m Jess Bakkers, I’m new here. Can I be your friend? You can have my lunch money if you’ll just be my friend…”


*Are you new to WP? Have only a few followers? Or maybe just a dirty old curmudgeon like myself, if so, I’d love to meet you! Leave me a hello… and your lunch money if you want to be friends ๐Ÿ˜

92 thoughts on “The Social Outcasts of WordPress

  1. In high school I was voted “Most Interesting” two years straight–“interesting” being a euphemism for “weird”. Which really just goes to show what a plain vanilla little town that was, a pit stop on my way to Elsewhere. Nice to meet you!


  2. You did it, just as you said you would. Good for you! I am nowhere near followers by the hundreds. I’m not brand new to blogging, But I’ve had a dry spell for a while. I’m newly invigorated to write again seriously and it has been such a freaking awesome thing. My goal is to write at least every other day, even if it sits in drafts. Write well and they will come…. hopefully. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Hello there I am a collector and so have many blogs all which are wonderful but no one seems to realize that fact.

    That tall kid over there with the overdeveloped biceps already took my lunch money.


  4. Great post! I never had lunch money in school. I remember relying on the kindness of friends to buy me a sweet from the school canteen (back in the day when there was no ‘traffic light’ system as to what could be served).
    Thanks for uniting the WordPress kids!


  5. Hello to you. I am what could be called a juggler on WordPress since I have three blogs going. Handed over one of my blogs for my cat Sid to handle. Amazingly he’s doing fairly well for a cat.

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  6. I didn’t bring lunch money, but I’ll share my peanut butter sandwich.

    A warning though–it doesn’t have jelly and the bread’s that healthy stuff. But I’ll save it till you decide whether that’s worth a friendship.

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  7. As a geek wannabe, I’m thrilled to be a social outcast if it means I can hang out with you folks. Obviously, I will have to follow this merry band of WordPressians. Jessica, I want to thank you for following me earlier. I’m a brand new WordPress blogger and I really appreciate it.

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  8. I, too, used to be “that weird goth / skater / emo / scene girl” in school (sometimes all within the same year. How impressive!)… Now I’m just “that weird vintage girl with her nose in housekeeping manuals all the time”. Glad I’m not alone, at least!

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