I See You

I watch you from afar,

my eyes drink you in.

You’re the object of my desire,

the cause of my soul to sin.

Silent words and thoughts,

twist the cogs of your brain.

I see perplexity slithering down

the hollows of your face like rain.

Your eyes, so enlarged and wide,

each drowning in a watery orbit,

slapped maliciously on your face,

so melancholy, so distant, so morbid.

Your gripping hands are soaked in sweat.

You wipe them over your khaki pants.

Standing there like a marionette

I’ll pull your strings; break your trance.

With your worn, weary face in sight,

I can spy at whatever you do,

and my tongue stumbles over my words,

“I see you, I see you, I see you.”

With your head in my telescopic view,

you shiver while you restlessly wait,

I squeeze the trigger on my steely rifle,

and deal you a hand of diabolical fate.

*One from the vault; twenty something years old!

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