Writing Contest: The Missouri Review’s $1000 Miller Audio Prize

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Kristen Twardowski


I’ve found another great contest for writers; The Missouri Review is now holding its annual Miller Audio Prize.

This contest is a little different than some of the others that I’ve shared. As the name indicates, entries must involve an audio element. Participants may submit a piece of poetry, prose, humorous writing, or audio documentary with the stipulation that the work is read aloud and sent to The Missouri Review in mp3 format. This is a great opportunity for people who use rhythmic elements in their writing or whose prose otherwise benefits from being spoken.

The first prize winner for each of the contest categories will receive a $1000 prize, and the deadline for submissions is March 15, 2017. If this sounds like it is up your alley, you can find more information and hear recordings from previous winners at the contest page.

Best of luck to anyone who…

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