‘The Wishing Fountain’

Please read, Like and Share this piece of fine fictrion written by an up-and-coming new writer… she’s Eleven and already writing like this!!!


Everyday except Sunday, I go to the same park, at the same time; 12:30. I see many different people throwing change into a wishing fountain, and making a wish. I think to myself, what would they be wishing for? I remember the time I saw a young man crying. He kept looking back over his shoulder at a beautiful lady who I thought might have been his girlfriend. They obviously just broke up.
I recently saw a little girl holding her father’s hand. She asked for a coin to drop in the fountain. She was overjoyed when her father gave her one. The girl skipped over to the fountain and plonked the coin in. She watched it go to the bottom. The little girl’s smile went from ear to ear. I guess not everyone that wishes at the wishing fountain is wishing that some sort of hope or dream will…

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