Poetry and Promotion

The astute (or anal) among you might have noticed a change in my menu. This is to highlight my Creative Writing and Poetry page in a shameful attempt at getting more traffic onto this particular page.

In another shameful attempt of self promotion, I would like to announce that I have uploaded another poem to my ‘poetry corner’. Click for “The Pedestal”

Finally, I’d like to make an overt and beyond shameful plug and promote my freelance writing services by directing you to my Upwork profile. I have only recently joined this site for freelance writers seeking to break in, but so far have had great success acquiring work.

If you’re new to freelance writing, you could do a lot worse than to check it out. If you’re seeking the services of a freelance writer, come and look me up!


* Do you know about Upwork? Had any successes or bad news stories there? Please, Like, Share and Comment!


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