Fragment Friday – a plug from Steve Boseley!

Another week gone, and today for Fragment Friday, I present for your enjoyment a piece by author Jessica Bakkers, who is sharing an excerpt of her work-in-progress, Raising Death, the first book in The Guns of Perdition Saga. Jessica is not new to writing, but is new to the writing community and to sharing her … Continue reading Fragment Friday – a plug from Steve Boseley!

What Pad?

Is Wattpad a platform worth pursuing? So I'm new to WordPress, freelance writing via websites like Upwork, and self-publishing via KDP. These are all concepts I'm about to leap into (or have leapt into already) in order to see my dream come to fruition, and I'm sure I don't need to spell out the dream … Continue reading What Pad?

Self v. Traditional Publishing: It’s Not a Rivalry

A simply heart and soulful post by Aimee that has ALL the feels…

Aimee Davis


I saw this ^^ meme making the rounds on Twitter recently. It was being shared mostly by writers who are querying for traditional publishing deals or are working toward one.

The comments that went along with it were worse. And in the interest of honesty, because that’s what I do here, I’ll go ahead and tell y’all I cried.

I’m not usually a crier. It’s fine if you are, but I’m not. I was a bit surprised at my reaction, but I was having a particularly difficult day. My sales have been almost zero (I’ll be posting them in early April for those who may have wondered), I’d just returned from a workshop no one showed up to after putting in my fifth day in a row of working 17+ hours, and I was emotionally exhausted. So I cried. Then I wrote a blog post on failure (well into hour…

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