Thank you – Milestone Achieved!

Congratulations Mindfump! May you achieve many more!


Recently I recieved a congratulations from WordPress for reaching the much sort after milestone of 1337 likes.

Another much sort after milestone in life is the feat of running 26.2 miles – a full marathon. Why is modern marathon distance this long? Well that is because King Edward wanted the marathon route to finish in front of the Royal box at the 1908 Olympics. The original route was intended to be 26 miles exactly.

We love arbitrary milestones, including me. So in the spirit of this, I will now celebrate arbitrary milestones of my choosing, starting today. 592 followers!

In all seriousness though thank you to everyone who follows, reads, comments and shares my blog. It is genuinely helping me in my battle with mental illness and I wish nothing but the best for you.


EDIT: I definitely maybe might of not correctly said a marathon was 26.4 miles instead…

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